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Achatz Splatter Paints Dessert, Voltaggios Charm Bonnie Hunt

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In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, The Voltaggios hang out with Bonnie hunt, Grant Achatz splatter paints dessert at Alinea, Julie Powell butchers a piece of meat, and much, much more!

1) Mike and Bryan Voltaggio Swing By The Bonnie Hunt Show: In the clip below from The Bonnie Hunt Show, everyone's favorite culinary bros, the Voltaggios, make two kinds of hot cocoa: one that's bitter (Michael's) and one that's sweet (Bryan's). Like their personalities, get it? The best part of the clip is the picture that Michael paints of the male chefs quarters at night during the taping of Top Chef Season 6...

2) Grant Achatz Splatter Paints Dessert: A couple went to Chicago's Alinea this past weekend, and asked if they could videotape Grant Achatz's tableside preparation of their dessert. He obliged -- the dessert itsself is basically splatter painted onto the dining table, Jackson Pollock-style:

3) The Le Grand Chef Trailer: Why can't Hollywood make food movies like Korea's Le Grand Chef? It looks like a film version of Iron Chef, but with a love story, great cinematography, and some sort of rags-to-riches/brother-against-brother theme. You don't even need subtitles, or English dubbing to tell that this movie is awesome:

4) Julie Powell Butchers Meat: Continuing the publicity march for her new book, Cleaving, Ms. Julie Powell stopped by uber-hip Williamsburg Brooklyn butcher school/market, The Meathook, to talk some shop with butcher-of-the-moment Tom Mylan, and do a little meat cutting herself. While hearing her talk about the experiences she went through writing the book is a little boring, in the clip below there is no doubt that Julie knows what she's doing with a knife and a cut of meat.

5) Martha and Jimmy Make a Holiday Dessert: Martha Stewart Stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to show him how to make some sort of holiday cookie cone. In the clip below Jimmy starts making sexual innuendos about her pastry bag, and New Years plans to holiday in Bangkok -- the funniest part is how the barbs roll off Martha like water off a duck's back:

Bonus Video: For those David Chang fanatics out there, the entire hour-long video of his Q & A at Google HQ last month is now up, here.

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