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Ludo's Aspirations, How Starbucks Changed Your Life

LAS VEGAS—The bevy of shiny top-flight restaurants within the CityCenter complex have gotten plenty of action 'round these parts lately, but for a glimpse of the rest of the operation—like the hotels, the art, the condos and the over-21 swimming pool—check out Curbed LA's coverage too. [Curbed LA]

LOS ANGELES—Ludo Lefebvre just wrapped up his third incarnation of his LudoBites pop-up concept, and in a perfect world, here's what he wants to do next: "I would love to travel around the world doing LudoBites. I love to travel and explore. I do not know if that is realistic or not but it would be so amazing." [BB]

LIFE-CHANGERS—According to the Associated Press, things that changed your life in the last decade include the Food Network, Starbucks, Crocs, and Daniel Boulud's truffle burger. Huh. [AP]