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Thomas Keller Demonstrates Sous-Vide, Guy's Ultimate Margarita Machine

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In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Letterman test-drives a cupcake, Thomas Keller shows you how to unlock the mysteries of sous-vide cooking at home, The McNuggetini gals get down with some Ham Dacquiris, and much, much more.

1) Sous-Vide The Keller Way: This video of Thomas Keller demonstating the basics of sous-vide cooking at the 2007 Aspen Food and Wine Classic just hit the Youtubes today. In classic fasion, T-Kells makes one of the craziest of all cooking techniques seem both fun and easy:

2) Gordon Ramsay and Patsy Kensit Cook Together: The UK edition of Gordon Ramsay Cookalong Live looks way cooler than the American one that debuted last week. In the clip below, Gordo makes a salad with British model Patsy Kensit, and comes off as more of the scoundrel we know and love. To her credit, Patsy holds her own pretty well [NSFW]:

3) Letterman Gets Behind The Wheel Of A Cupcake: On Friday Night's Late Show, David Letterman took a $25,000 cupcake car for a spin around his set:

4) The Ham Daquiri: Alie and Georgia, The MgNuggetini Gals, are going places. While their second instructional video, detailing how to make a Ham Daquiri, may not have been as popular as the McNuggetini video, nor as slick as last week's creation, The Bloody Bacon & Cheese, it's definitely a charmer:

5) Guy Fieri Unveils A Giant Blender: You may have heard lore of the Ultimate Margartia Machine, a giant blender that plays a crucial role in the Guy Fieri Roadshow. Here is video proof of the insane mixology device, from the last week's show in San Jose:

Bonus: A KFC Christmas in Japan: Apparently, KFC is pretty big in Japan around Christmas, partly because of Colonel Sanders' resemblance to Santa, and also because the fast food chain successfully marketed their product as the perfect Christmas gift a few years ago. Here's one of the commercials from that campaign: