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Bocuse Book Thoughts, Bobby Flay Sued Too, More!

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EATER BOOK CLUB—We shared some fun facts from Knives at Dawn—the book at America's quest for gold at the 2009 Bocuse d'Or competition—a few weeks back, and now others are sharing thoughts: "[It] does offer fascinating glimpses of dynamic, press-friendly Boulud and perfectionist, introspective Keller — polar opposites who rarely see eye to eye ... Perhaps the book’s lasting contribution will be the blueprint it provides for the 2011 team." [NYP]

CHAINS—Arthur Cores, the man who founded Boston Market, has passed away. Interestingly enough, his initial idea for the chain nearly 20 years ago—the concept of gourmet fast food—has oddly become a hot trend once again. [NYT]

TOP CHEFFAGE—And now, there's "Top Chef" ... the rap song by Gucci Mane featuring Akon. [VodPod]

THE HAMPTONS—One more wacky lawsuits in a day filled with them: a broker is suing Bobby Flay for getting him fired. Last summer, when the Iron Chef closed on a $1.485 million house, the broker sent a letter to Flay telling him the property was full of Indian relics and grave sites and offering to show Flay where they were. Bobby complained, and the broker lost his job. [Curbed Hamptons]

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