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Bobby Flay: The Next Burger Palace Will Be on a PA Campus

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About two weeks after opening the second location of Bar Americain—his 10th restaurant overall—Bobby Flay is getting the buzz started on the next branch of his suddenly-burgeoning burger chain, Bobby's Burger Palace. In an interview, Flay reveals that he just put down an offer on a new location, and even though it's not a done deal, the fifth location of the burger joint looks like it's going to be a campus one:

I'll come close because it's not actually signed but we're pretty sure we're going to get it. All I can tell you is the next one is going to be in the state of Pennsylvania on the grounds of a university.

A sign of things to come as the chain looks to continue to expand, perhaps? Anyway, with regards to the specific location, start the guesswork, with an eye towards Philly's myriad colleges. Elsewhere in the interview, Flay also begins the campaign for his return to the White House kitchen, saying that if the Obamas ever have an Irish state dinner, he's their man, because he "would love to cook everyone a nice Irish dinner."
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