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Lazy Ox and Tar Pit Debut in LA, The $72 Taco Bell Taco

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LOS ANGELES—A few notable openings from LaLa Land to report. Up first, the Tar Pit—the cocktail haven from Campanile's Mark Peel and Pegu Club's Audrey Saunders—rolled out this week with a throwback '40s supperclub vibe. Elsewhere in the city, the Lazy Ox Canteen (pictured above) made its debut last night, and is serving downscale "fusion fare" cuisine with nothing over $25. [Eater LA]

OHIO—A drunk man paid $72 for a single taco from Taco Bell: "He said 'Merry Christmas, all I want is a taco,' said manager Aaron Ohm. Ohm said the man was drunk, and he did not want to take the money. When employees tried to return his change, the man refused to take it and left." 'Tis the season! [SR]

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