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Alice Waters: DJ Extraordinaire

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California Cuisine Queen Alice Waters stopped by SoCal radio station KCRW to share five of her favorite songs for the station's Guest DJ Project. Turns out she has a pretty eclectic musical taste that includes some classic standards, a touch of world music, and even some cutting edge, idie rock. Who knew? Alice chats a bit after each track selection, revealing some interesting personal details, including her recent concert going habits, the music she bumps while in the kitchen, and some choice rememberances of Berkeley in the 60's. A track by track breakdown-- with quotes from Alice --after the jump.

Alice Waters' Top 5 Favorite Songs:

Nina Simone, "Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl

"I play it when I'm cooking in the kitchen, and it's so beautiful and so deep in its sensual appeal."
Radiohead, "Reckoner
"This past summer, a friend of mine offered me tickets to a concert at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco...We were quite far from seeing the people actually, but I loved the graphics, the sort of light show that was going on onstage. There was something incredibly artful about it. I've always been a kind of classical music person, in my heart, and yet the voices and the orchestration I think is really so rich and so magical. "
David Byrne, "Independence Day"
"this particular piece of music, I played during the Obama campaign. I would play it first thing in the morning and I would dance to this, which took me through the day. And I played it the night he was elected. And it continues to lift me up and make me feel hopeful."
Jefferson Airplane, "Volunteers
"I think it takes me right back to the times in Berkeley at the University of California. I went to a Jefferson Airplane concert that was sort of a benefit for peace in Vietnam and I had never been to one of those really big concerts before and I was just kind of astonished looking up at this 30-foot high stage and a light show going on on the ceiling. I was really taken by it."
Youssou NDour, "Tan Bi
"I went to a concert a couple of years ago, I walked in and I felt like I was in Senegal. Everybody was standing up, everybody was engaged with the music the whole time, people were dancing. I just thought, ‘he's speaking to all of us and we can understand it even though we can't understand it -- we can understand it with our bodies. It's a universal language that is communicating feelings of love and peace,’
No word yet on Alice's All Time, Top five, Dessert Island Break-Up Songs, but we'll let you know. [KCRW]

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