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Eight Items of Note From Last Night's Vegas Reunion Show

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So, Top Chef Season Six Las Vegas had its final, final bow last night, with a reunion special, where the judges and cheftestants returned to answer *your* questions (except for Jesse, who was "sick"). While there wasn't a ton of new information from last night's special that hadn't already been revealed and played out to death during the rest of the season, there were a few interesting tidbits the slipped out during show. So, for those who missed it, here are the eight fun facts from last night:

1) Bryan received a '79 Corvette as a consolation prize from Mama Volt.

2) Most every Cheftestant thought that Padma hated them.

3) Kevin considered quitting the show when Laurine was eliminated.

4) Bryan didn't even apply for the show. The producers contacted him when they found out Michael had a brother that owned a restaurant.

5) Kevin defended Eli for living with his mother: “It’s not like he’s a shut-in living in his parents’ basement, eating cereal at 3 in the morning.” Details, details.

6) The Brothers once again hinted that they have something in the works together.

7) Former cheftestants Ilan, Hung and Marcel all worked for the Voltaggio brothers once upon a time.

8) Fan Favorite was not announced last night. It will be announced on Andy Cohen's talk show, tonight. It's a neverending affair.

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