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Burgers Go North, Padma's Best Moment of the Year Ever

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THE PADMAVERSEPadma Lakshmi's top moment of 2009? Not getting pregnant, but talking about her miracle womb at a keynote address at MIT. [People]

CANADA—Two of America's better known burger spots are making big moves north of the border: both Fatburger and Obama-endorsed Five Guys have made strides in Canada lately. [BurgerWire]

MOBILE FOOD—Food trucks are a current darling of the food world, but things aren't always so glorious. Says one taco truck operator: "The parking – you would think, oh, you get there and you park. No, you have two guys going around with cars trying to save a spot two hours early, and then you don’t fit. Then the guy brakes and the oil spills from the fryer. Then generator is not enough and you have to save energy so have to cook w the lights off. Stuff like that." [R&I]
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