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Fabio's LA Restaurant Deemed "Italian Food for Dummies"

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Ho boy. It's a rough day for Top Chef alum Fabio Viviani, whose new restaurant got reviewed torn a new one by LAT critic S. Irene Virbila this morning. Fabio's Firenze Osteria gets the rare zero star treatment from Virbila, but somehow, the goose egg designation is not even the worst part. A sampling of the review that should put a damper on Fabio's holiday season:

I didn't expect was a menu so conventional it reads like a tourist trap -- mostly generic dishes from no particular region. Italian Food for Dummies...The roast chicken is tasty if oily, and the roast potatoes are too, but the stuffed pastas may be the worst I've ever encountered anywhere
So much more carnage at Eater LA. >>

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