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Whose Line Is It Anyway, Julie Powell?

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Speaking of Julie Powell... We know she is a woman of many talents -- cooking, blogging, oversharing details of her love life -- and now, improv comedy! This past Saturday, Ms. Powell took a break from her book tour to tread the boards of LA's iO West theatre as a guest player in "Dr. God", a bi-weekly comedy show that also featured Matthew Lillard, of Scooby-Doo fame. So how'd Ms. Julie do? Pretty Good! In the video above, after a bit of a shaky start as monologist, she realizes she can use the audience's prompt of "barnyard" to basically just recite a story from her new book Cleaving. She's not on stage the entire time, but she does get in some pretty good bits -- particularly a pretty funny pantomime of flirting with her butchering instructor while chopping apart a pig's head. Who knows - if she plays her cards right, maybe someday we'll see her on stage trading riffs with a cast member of the Drew Carey Show. [Via LA Weekly]

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