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Puck Talks About His Hollywood Buds, Ozersky on Burgers

PITTSBURGH—While on his book tour, Wolfgang Puck sits down for a interview. Once you get past the softball questions ("Wolfgang, were you always confident you would be successful?"), Puck shares some fun anecdotes from yesteryear: "I remember Orson Welles used to come every day for lunch ... I used to go play tennis with Gene Kelly, and he used to come to the restaurant and eat a pepper steak all the time." [P-G]

THE CUTTYVERSE—Hamburger expert, former Citysearch Restaurant editor and general man about town Josh Ozersky files an in-depth piece for Eater LA wherein he expresses displeasure with trendy Hollywood burger spot 25 Degrees and its inability to concoct a medium-rare piece of meat. [Eater LA]

CHAINS—The person who created and then became the first person to play Ronald McDonald died last week. Per The Awl, the guy (Michael Polakovs) also had a clown for a father, and one of kids became a clown too. [The Awl]

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