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John Besh's Latest Eatery Debuts; Fake Fancy Lunch Tab?

NEW ORLEANS—The latest jewel in the burgeoning New Orleans restaurant empire of Josh opened today, and it's housed within the WWII Museum there. Called American Sector Restaurant, it's billed as a "replica canteen and cafe with a 1940s-inspired menu." More details on the restaurant's official site. [Times-Picayune]

NEW YORK—Remember those reports last week that a Russian billionaire spent $47K on lunch at the Upper East Side's Nello? Turns out that the Russian guy now says his tab was fabricated and is considering taking legal action against the restaurant. [Cityfile]

NEW HAMPSHIREPresented without comment: "An Exeter girl is collecting $35,000 from McDonald's restaurant after receiving second degree burns after hot tea spilled in her lap ... court documents indicate a loose fitting cover that wasn't properly attached to the cup by a restaurant employee was to blame for the burn." [WCAX via GS]