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Already With the Predictions for the 2010 Trends

Halloween has passed, which means it's not only time for the 2009 retrospectives to start rolling out, but 'tis the season for the 2010 predictions too. Longtime restaurant consulting firm Baum + Whiteman has released its annual food and dining trends for the upcoming year. The full list of 13 trends—with complete explanations—can be had in .pdf form right here, but the Cliff's Notes version is that the down economy will continue to be front and center on menus and in restaurant concepts.

Other highlights: fried chicken is the new pork belly, tongue will be hot, there will be a shift from bitter flavors to tart flavors, and catering to kids will be a focus.

Finally, they share a random assortment of "Buzzwords" for 2010. Some make more sense than others, some have arguably already reached saturation points in the major cities (pizza, banh mi), and some ("backyard and rooftoop bee hives") will probably prompt some furrowed brows:

Authentic Neapolitan pizza. Lamb riblets. Too many food trucks, not enough curb space. Latino street food. Farmed trout creeps up on farmed salmon. Curry- and Indian-spiced fried chicken. Vietnamese sandwiches (bahn mi). Gelati. Global comfort food. Artisan hot dogs. Made-to-order ice cream. Chefs turned butchers. Casual comfort. Touch-screen kiosks and home delivery in fast food outlets. Latino street food. Wood oven cooking. More energy drinks and adulterated waters. Mood food. Backyard and rooftop bee hives. Stevia. Kimchee. Urban farms. Griddled burgers. Free food. House-made everything, especially in sandwiches.
· Baum + Whiteman's 2010 Trends [.pdf]

[Photo: Wexler's in San Francisco by Jennifer Yin]