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Introducing Eater Portland and Eater Miami!

As you may have noticed already—especially with the massive Shake Shack news earlier—today we welcome two new Eater sites into the fold: Eater Portland and Eater Miami. Just like the established sites in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco that you've come to know and love, the pair of newcomers will provide the same obsessive, hourly coverage of the restaurant scenes in their respective cities. Steering the ship in Oregon are Portland's own Eva Hagberg and Michael Benjamin, while down in Florida, Ms. Lesley Abravanel is your woman on the ground. Do stop in and give them your regards.

We're also looking forward to bubbling up the best tidbits from these two locales—both, for very different reasons, two of the more exciting food cities in America right now—right here on Eater National. Stay tuned.
· Eater Portland []
· Eater Miami []