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Everyone Disliked Last Night's Top Chef Reunion Show

Last night, Bravo threw a curveball with a reunion show in lieu of the regular programming. Max Silvestri will be back next week to share his usual, excellent Top Chef recaps, so to truly appreciate last night's special (and lordy was it special), we turn to the internet buzz.

Baltimore Sun: "All in all, it was pretty lame. Can't wait to get back to real cooking next week. What was the most disappointing part of the episode for you? Did you fall asleep?"

Slashfood: "Have we really gotten so far into the current season of "Top Chef" that Bravo feels the need to start dragging out the suspense -- namely, when will Robin be eliminated -- with an arbitrary, 11-chef reunion special? ... Wake us when it's sweeps week."

Gawker: "Instead of opening to a buzzing chorus and a heat-seaking Slushie cruising down the hallway, we are introduced to Fabio, who will be the heavily-accented Virgil for our tour through this fresh hell. "

Television Without Pity: "Overall, it was an interesting experiment but also really awkward at times. I kind of wish they had invited some less asshole-ish people (ahem, Marcel) and maybe spent more time talking about the food and their current jobs."

Eat Me Daily: "Fabio, however, as a pseudo-villain felt scripted and forced ... What should have been a friendly reunion episode turned out to be ugly and humorless, exposing Bravo's stunning and shameful snakiness. Also: kind of boring!"

Gawker Comments: "Oh my God, this was so bad, I may have to kill myself. What an ugly, humorless, awkward display by almost everyone. Thank God for Blaze, Dale, and (ironically) Lisa. Otherwise I would have expected Tom Colicchio to lock them in the room and set [it] on fire."
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