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Tom Colicchio Talks Economy, His New Concept and More!

Krieger, 11/24/09

Just one month after the market crashed last year, Craftman and celeb chef Tom Colicchio announced he would be opening a new concept in his flagship's private dining room. It would be called Tom: Tuesday Dinner and in a nutshell, the bi-weekly restaurant would feature a hyper-seasonal, always changing $150-200 menu cooked by The Man himself. And there were only 32 seats a night. While the buzz may have died down over the last year, Colicchio tells Eater NY that the demand has not. They still sell out every dinner, as well as surprise last minute Wednesday dinners. In fact, he likes doing this composed plated food so much—Craft's dishes, served family style, typically highlight a single ingredient—he's opening a TTD-inspired full service restaurant sometime next year.

Read the entire interview over at Eater NY and let Mr. Tom explain. >>