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Pomeroy Takes Over Beast, Writer Visits Crazyland McD's

PORTLAND—Eater PDX breaks the news that Naomi Pomeroy—last seen on the national media level as the sole female chef to be honored as one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs 2009—is now the sole owner of her renowned restaurant, Beast. [Eater PDX]

ORLANDO—There's a place in Orlando that bills itself as the “World’s Most Unique McDonald’s.” It involves a waterfall, a bowling alley, a performing arts stage, pizza, a pasta station, and even chimichangas. [OCR]

UPSTATE NEW YORK—Sometimes, the title of the story says it all: "SUV ends up on top of car at Starbucks." [WIVB]

PITTSBURGHMontreal eateries aren't the only ones getting, um, bombed. Over the weekend, someone threw a firebomb into a popular Pittsburgh restaurant by the name of Al's Cafe. Fortunately, no one was injured. [PPG]

[Photo: Flickr]