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The Kogi Car, Possible Top Chef Upset in the Works?

LOS ANGELESMouthing Off shares the newest toy in the Kogi Empire: the bright orange Scion Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen custom-made by Toyota for Kogi. There's a built-in grill, sink, silverware drawer and Alpine soundsystem, and if the above photos don't boggle your mind sufficiently, there's video too (0:58-1:23). [F&W]

ASIA—Donut shop Krispy Kreme has green-lit 20 new franchise locations in Thailand of all places. [BT]

TOP CHEFFAGE—According to E! Online, a "shocking elimination" is coming up on Top Chef. Apparently one of the four frontrunners—Jennifer Carroll, Kevin Gillespie, Bryan Voltaggio and Mike Voltaggio—let it slip that he/she doesn't make it to the finals. Seeing as how Jen has been on the bottom a lot lately, she's the obvious weak link here, but you never know. [E! Online]