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Is David Burke's Vegas Eatery on Its Last Legs?

The Sin City blogosphere has been abuzz with rumblings that celebrity chef David Burke's eponymous restaurant in the middle of The Venetian is just about doneski. For his part, Burke is (vigorously) denying any rumors that he's going to shutter his Vegas outpost, but the media isn't buying it: "[T]he fact is, David Burke doesn’t show up here much, and the place is hanging on by its fingernails, despite having vastly improved its food."

But it's Robin Leach who might have the juiciest bit of gossip: "One major kitchen king is pulling up stakes -- and eggs -- at a major resort casino and reportedly returning to New York. Before the kitchen is laid to rest, I’m hearing that another major celebrity chef will promptly take it over, literally just jumping across the street from another winning hotel."
· DAVID BURKE Denies Rumors, Improves Food [Eating LV]