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Restaurant Feuds Seem Different North of the Border

Here in America, restaurant feuds may involve lawsuits, wars of words or in extremely immature cases, silly pranks. In Canada, they just use makeshift firebombs instead, and now restaurant attacks are sweeping the city:

Monday, for the second time in eight days, somebody threw a Molotov cocktail through the restaurant's front window at 6 a.m

The Monday attacks on Cafe Nouba mark the eighth time in the last month that a Montreal cafe has been firebombed. However, while police suspect the other restaurant bombings could be related to gang activity, the owner of Cafe Nouba thinks that his restaurant is being targeting because his restaurant partner "owes a lot of money to people who want it back." All which begs the question: Montreal, what is wrong with you?
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[Photo: Pierre Obendrauf, Montreal Gazette]