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Previewing McSweeney's SF Panorama Food Section

The front page of today's San Francisco Chronicle shines the spotlight on the SF Panorama, an experimental one-shot newspaper put together by McSweeney's. Due out the first week of December, the Panorama is, in short, a prototype for the 21st century newspaper: 300 pages of content, big (15"x22") broadsheet pages, full of color and graphics. The substantive Chron piece expounds upon more details—from Stephen King's World Series reporting to publisher Dave Eggers' web/newspaper philosophy—but what the Chron doesn't really cover is the 16-page food section.

A full 16 pages of the Panorama are dedicated to a food section. Notables like Ryan Farr, David Chang, and Peter Meehan were all tasked to rethink how recipes are—or rather, can be—presented in print. Also included are some reviews, an item on how to cook animals you run over with your car, plus longer articles (full disclosure: your ed. has a contribution in there somewhere too), and there's even a piece on how to make Andean spit-corn beer with a condom.

A few of the more notable food pieces—with tiny teasing snippets—are in .pdf form right here:
· Panorama Food Section Tease [.pdf]
· The San Francisco Panorama Mission Statement [McSweeney's]
· Panorama seeks to expand reach of newspapers [Chron]