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Chatting With Mark Peel, Ripert Goes to Costco, More!

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LOS ANGELESEater LA sits down for a chat with chef Mark Peel to talk about the Campanile chef's latest project: the new cocktail bar—The Tar Pit—that he's opening with the help of NYC's Audrey Saunders (Pegu Club). Oh, and Peel also reveals that he's on Top Chef Masters again too. [Eater LA]

PHILADELPHIA—The Times reports that chef Alex Ureña is cutting bait on New York and taking a chef de cuisine position at new Philly restaurant R2L, where he'll serve a genre of food called "cocktail cuisine." [NYT]

RIPERT'S WORLD—For this evening's video interlude, Alan Richman takes Eric Ripert to Costco, where The Ripper pretty much has a panic attack: "I am freaked out. Costco depresses me ... [it] doesn't even look like it belongs on our planet." [SE]

BOOKSHELVESAmazon is holding a contest to determine the best book covers of the year, and in the Food/Wine category are the following contenders: Ad Hoc at Home by Thomas Keller, Momofuku by David Chang and Peter Meehan, Fat of the Land by Langdon Cook, Ratio by Michael Ruhlman, Rose's Heavenly Cakes by Rose Levy Beranbaum, and Baking by James Peterso. EMD adds a few more of its favorites too. [EMD]