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NY Times Writer Caught Shilling For 8 Oz. Burger Bar?

The NYTPicker blog catches some dicey coverage in the NY Times' travel magazine, namely a five-page spread about Miami by freelance writer Suzy Buckley. Chief among Buckley's time-stamped recommendations is a 2PM visit to 8 Oz Burger Bar. The thing is, Buckley just happened to recently be in a relationship with the burger joint's co-owner, Mr. Josh Woodward. Yes, that Josh Woodward. Oof. As it stands, NYTPicker goes on to delve deeper into the situation, and how it violates the NYT's airtight code of ethics and such. You can be the judge of whether the alleged shilling is a big deal or not.
· 11 Hours in the Sun [NYT]
· Suzy Buckley Use Travel Section To Praise Restaurant Owned By Her Old Boyfriend [NYTPicker via Mediate]