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Richard Blais Miami-Bound, Richard Branson in Jersey, More!

MIAMI—Not only is Richard Blais opening a Flip Burger in DC, but the Atlanta-based Trail-Blaiser is also headed to Florida. Eater Miami catches the following Tweet: "Big tasting [in ATL] for a client in Miami tomorrow AM. High Tech Eatery / lounge coming soon on Lincoln Rd." [Eater Miami]

PHILADELPHIA—Road-tripper Tom Colicchio decides to chime in on Philly's lauded Vetri: "It was well worth the wait, and I came away thinking that his impossibly thin, buttery pastas and tender baby goat could hold their own against any I've had." [F&W]

NEW JERSEY?— The Times reports that very rich person Sir Richard Branson is opening a "culinary resort" in Somerset County, NJ. Called Natirar, the 492-acre resort includes a cooking and wine school, a farm, and a restaurant called Ninety Acres. Once upon a time, it was the summer home of the king of Morocco. [NYT]
[Photo: Flickr/wendelling]