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Seattle's Jonathan Kauffman Takes SF Weekly Critic Gig

Less than a month after pushing Meredith Brody out the door, SF Weekly has named a new restaurant critic, and it's a good one: Seattle Weekly critic Jonathan Kauffman, one of the best—and more decorated—food writers in the whole country. In fact, just last month, he took home top honors in restaurant criticism from the Association of Food Journalists.

Kauffman was always a logical choice to jump ship from the sister publication, especially given that he has a history in the Bay. Quoth Kauffman: "it's the place where I learned to cook, where I ordered my first bowl of pho, where I ate my first bowl of octopus-shrimp cocktail off the side of a taco truck in a grim Oakland parking lot."
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[Photo: Flickr/Dustin Diaz]