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Symphony of Flavors

Music-Director-Lorin-Maazel-conducting-the-New-York-Philharmonic%282%29.jpgWith Rachael Ray popping up on Nightline and Guy Fieri earning millions by throwing al dente pasta into the faces of innocent Americans, it's easy to forget that there is a still line that separates the culinary wheat from the Food Network chaff--but the New York Philharmonic is here to remind you! The symphony will host a series of post-concert suppers next year, and the affairs will be, as one might expect, on the high end : Alain Ducasse, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Lidia Bastianich and Daniel Boulud have all signed on. Food critic Mimi Sheraton, who will host the dinners, muses: "There is, I feel, a sort of affinity between all things that signify the good life. People who look forward to music very often appreciate fine food and art." Basically, Fieri can capture AC/DC fans, but violin-lovers want a little demi-glace with their Debussy. [Reuters]