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Man V. Food V. People's Misconceptions About Him

It must be tough being Adam Richman, host of The Travel Channel's Man V. Food. Just because your day job involves eating burritos the size of fire extinquishers, you get labeled as some sort of junk food fiend. In an interview in Today's Quad City Times, Richman sets out to dispel some myths about his show, and the lifestyle that he endures as its host:

"If it's just big for big's sake, or sandwiches that are throwing 30 or 40 different kinds of stuff in there, there's no imagination"

Richman cares about food. So much so, that he can't stand when people get pretentious about their culinary knowledge, something he must have experienced many times on his journey's across this country in search of the most unthinkably large, calorie laden foods:
"I talk to people the way I wish people talked to me about food...I could be very haughty and use terms and implements and techniques that are impressive and flashy, but that doesn't speak to peoples' experiences."

As of this week, Richman is taking his quest to change people's conceptions about food one step farther, by going on a national tour, giving demonstrations and leading Q and A's about how people can make inexpensive, healthy, and delicious foods at home. If nothing else, changing his public image away from a tater-tot guzzling mad man will also help Richman in one other regard:

"The show is ‘Man v. Food,' not ‘Man v. Man,' yet I get every hairy-chested mouthbreather popping off at the top of their neck. I don't care if you can eat more than me...All I'm trying to do is give you my best shot and know these challenges are out there. I get a lot of aggressive, loud dudes trying to challenge me."
Who knows, maybe the next Season of Man V. Food will have Adam on the hunt for the world's biggest kale salad... [QCT via EMD]