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Chang on NPR Talking Burnout, Korean Termites, Empires

On Saturday, MomoEmperor David Chang graced the radio airwaves of NPR's Weekend Edition with cookbook co-author Peter Meehan. The quick five-minute segment touches on a variety of topics, from a guy who's eaten at Momofuku every week for two years to Chang's research trips to Meehan's first encounter. And more:

Meehan on how his first visit was too poor to even review: "The first time I went there, [Momofuku Noodle Bar] was pretty bad. The noodles were overcooked, the ramen was too salty."

Chang on how cooking as a career has evolved since he started: "All my friends were like 'You're an idiot. What the hell are you doing? Come bank, go bank, be a lawyer, be a doctor, work at this dot com.' Everyone was working at dot coms. Now it's different. It's very strange that you get recognition from cooking. I have a hard time dealing with that."

Meehan on Chang's temper: "Korean termites was what they used to call the holes he used to punch in the wall in the kitchen... There was a point where they had like 20 pictures of Frank Bruni all up over the kitchen wall but it was just to cover up holes in the drywall that Dave had punched."

Chang on burnout: "I had to look up the term 'burnout' and it seemed like I had the whole checklist and everything was there."

The full five-minute radio segment can be heard right here:

· Chef Chang's Momofuku: A Romance With Ramen [NPR]