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Amazing, Useful, Pointless New Food and Dining iPhone Apps

In our new modern age, every coming week offers tons of new apps made available to iPhone users. And while food and dining apps may not be as plentiful as, say, arcade game apps staring ninja pandas, there are still a lot of options out there, and it can sometimes be a lot to wade through. Here's a breakdown of amazing, useful and pointless new food and dining apps from the past two months:

The Amazing:

epicuriousapean.jpgThe Epicurious App : It’s no secret that is a great resource for recipes from some of the best food glossies of past and present. While finding and printing out a recipe at home is a simple task, the Epicurious app allows you the convenience of not having to plan your trip to the grocery store. With Epicurious on your iPhone, you can walk into Whole Foods, pick up an ingredient, and plan an entire meal around it on the fly, Iron Chef style. Price: Free

bionic%20eye.jpgThe Bionic Eye: There are certain situations in which even the most adept foodie finds himself in unfamiliar territory and in search of a solid meal. The Bionic Eye uses the GPS system on the iPhone 3GS to enable you to point your phone's camera down any street, and find the nearest restaurants and resources around you, with directions. If you're ever on lunch break from jury duy, down by the courthouse, or staying in a strange town on a business trip, having this app will easily point the way to a variety of dining destinations. Unfortunately, for now, The Bionic Eye is most adept at finding chain restaurants, but hey, sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't. Price: $.99

The Useful:

chipotleapen.jpgThe Chipotle App: The perfect tool for those extra slothful burrito lovers who can't be bothered to move five feet from the couch to their computer and place an order online at The Chipotle app has a clean, easy interface that lets you quickly and precisely pick your fillings, pay, and place the order for delivery without even having to whip out your credit card or talk to a delivery person. Couch Potatoes, rejoice! Price: Free.

opentableapp.jpgOpenTable App: Again, like the Chipotle app, if you have a computer nearby, there's no real reason to use this app over the actual website. But, iPhone apps have always been more about privilege than practicality, and this is no exception. Just imagine the value of this for businessmen chatting up women at a bar -- with just a few key strokes, they can surprise their lady friends with reservations at the newest hot spots just seconds after she mentions a desire to go there! Sneaking off to the bathroom to fiddle with the phone's web browser, or calling assistants and yelling at them to get that coveted resy, are now things of the past! Price: Free

The Pointless:

starbucks-app.jpgThe Starbucks App: Want to arrange a coffee date with your friends at Starbucks via your phone, in a way that is more convoluted than texting them or even calling them? There's an app for that. The Starbucks app also has fully updated menus and a series of fields that lets you mix and match ingredients to create your own virtual drinks that you can share with friends via texts. As if it were necessary, the Starbucks app can also help you find a location near you. Price: Free.

Yelp_App.jpgThe Yelp App: For years, disgruntled diners actually had to leave the restaurant to complain about it on Yelp. With the Yelp iPhone app, diners can slag off restaurants tableside! Price: Free.