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The Early Word: Guy Fieri's Road Show

Guy in Action. (photo credit: Doug Quint / Bryan Petroff, Via EMD)

Well, The Guy Fieri Roadshow is officially in underway, and we're getting some of the first reports on what very well might be the celebrity-chef-rock-and-roll-t-shirt-cannon event of 2009. While there is really no questioning the power of The Roadshow, as with most things Guy Fieri, it has elicited strong reactions from those who were in the crowd last of last night's opening show in Lowell, Massachusetts. We now present, The Early Word:

The Good News: A reporter from local newspaper, the Lowell Sun was in attendance last night, and while upset about the lack of cooking on display, liked things overall: "Fieri tossed al dente noodles about the stage, as if he was smashing a guitar like an angst-filled musician...Rolling out a giant blender, the spiky-haired chef poured a number of bottles of tequila into its oversized pitcher. In true rocker form, he chugged the last swig from the bottle before heading back behind his stove to "wok and roll" out a helping of Hong Kong Noodles -- one of his signature dishes."

The Ultimately Disappointing News: Eat Me Daily sent Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff, proprietors of New York's beloved Big Gay Ice Cream Truck up to Lowell to witness the first night of the insanity. The start of the show: "Clips of old black and white cooking shows eventually burn up and transform into Guy on stage. He comes out to Motley Crue's 'Kick Start My Heart' (DJ Cobra is now in his orange fur covered DJ booth) and throws cooked spaghetti at the crowd... “We are told this isn't going to be 'YOUR MOTHER'S COOKING SHOW!'" While all the showboating and ceremony sounds like fun, it apparently went on way too long, "Everyone there for an actual show left after about 45 minutes."

The Bad News: An anonymous commenter on the Fans of Guy Fieri Blog was not thrilled with Guy's output last night: "I paid 50 bucks per ticket and drove almost 2 hours to see him and the best part of the experience was the pub I went to before the show to eat. Don't believe them when they tell you that everybody gets a sample or a margarita, unless you pay 250 bucks to be on stage with him. There really wasn't much 'rock 'n roll' involved either."

Twitter Roundup: @leebee1129: Long day but Guy Fieri was AWESOME!!! I would def do it again. Such high energy and so kewl. @AMKinnery:Just got up on stage and sang happy birthday at Guy Fieri...I do what I want! @nroscipnk: just got out of the guy fieri show OMG AMAZING.