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Food Inc Makes Early Oscar Cut, Sullivan St. Bakery in LA?

OSCARWATCH—The 15 documentaries for the Oscars' "short list" for Best Doc were released today, and yes, Food Inc. made the cut. [HR]

WASHINGTON DC—The White House is staying mum on the matter, but everyone is wondering about the upcoming state dinner (and Samuelsson's possible role). But no question is more important than one posed in the AP's write-up: Is Padma invited? [AP, previously]

LOS ANGELES—The rumor du jour floating around Southern California is that Jim Lahey—best known as the star baker of NYC's famed Sullivan Street Bakery and more recently, Co.—has been snooping around Los Angeles for a potential West Coast outpost of Sullivan Street Bakery. Nothing is confirmed, but Lahey confirms something is indeed in the works. [Eater LA]