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In Which Our Hero Embarks on a 22 City Tour

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Guy Fieri's Bus 'o' Flames
Guy Fieri's Bus 'o' Flames
Photo: Guy Fieri's Twitter

Everyone's favorite Ed Hardy aficionado Guy Fieri kicked off his 30 day, arena-style cooking bonanza last night in Lowell, Massachusetts, complete with a tastefully inconspicuous tour bus. Here's what we know: The bus is stocked with PBR, Fieri's opening act is an Australian "flair bartender" named Hayden 'Woody' Wood, Guy deploys a T-shirt cannon during the show, and he serves his audience 25 gallons of margaritas, using his custom-made 6-foot tall blender. How is this thing not sold out yet? We'd love to hear dispatches from the crowd, so if you catch him on the road, don't be a stranger.