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Will Bourdain Actually Jump Ship From the Travel Channel?

When the parent company of the Food Network, Scripps, bought a controlling interest in the Travel Channel earlier this month, eyes immediately turned towards the Travel Channel's brightest star, Anthony Bourdain, who just happens to have a dicey history with the Food Network (to say the least). Now, in a random interview, Bourdain affirms that he's not pleased at all with the move, and his future with TC is murky. His response when asked if the Scripps move has created some "discomfort" for him:

Um, yes. We are about halfway through shooting season six, ratings have never been higher, but I think... I'm definitely taking a wait-and-see [approach]. I'm not happy about sharing a hot tub with Guy Fieri, is what I'm saying.

There's more from the disgruntled Bourdain:

Given recent developments, I would say that anything could happen. I'm giving the whole enterprise some serious thought. I know that my crew and I are really into pushing this season as far as we can go creatively. We are doing an entire show in black and white, dubbed in Italian.
So let's play "what if." If Bourdain did leave the Travel Channel, where would he land? The major networks have certainly shown a big interest in food programming lately, but is Gordon Ramsay really that much better of hot tub buddy than Guy Fieri? Would TB go to budding Food Network rival Bravo? Would HBO take him?
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