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Vetri Fulfills the Hype, Feniger on Top Chef Masters Too

PHILADELPHIAThe Atlantic visits Philly's Vetri, the renowned restaurant that has been dubbed by many as the best Italian restaurant in the entire country. And as lofty as those expectations are, Vetri doesn't disappoint at all: "Throughout the evening the service was the paradigm of what a diner wants ... with some truly outstanding dishes, outstanding service, and a relaxed ambiance, Vetri is definitely worth going out of your way to visit." [The Atlantic]

LOS ANGELES—Just in case you missed it, LA Magazine filed a quick piece on the pains of shopping at Whole Foods while Top Chef Masters was filming there. In the process of the "not so fun" experience, it comes out that LA chef Susan Feniger (Street, Border Grill, Ciudad) was there too. So, add Feniger to the growing list of outed contestants on the second season of Top Chef Masters. [LAM]