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Josh Capon and Tim McGraw's Beefy Infidelities

Jimmy Fallon has been reliable about booking big name chefs on Late Night—Batali, Ray, Colicchio—but last night he invited on the lesser known (but much beloved) Josh Capon of New York's Lure Fishbar to compete in a "burger off" against country singer Tim McGraw. Previously, Capon won the NYFF's "Burger Bash" with his bacon and caramelized onion concoction back in October.

Also noted: Both McGraw and Capon admitted to cheating on their wives with beef patties--McGraw told Fallon that "I knew I had to go eat sushi with my wife when I left here, so I wanted to eat a burger before." Capon's confession: "We were having a fancy brunch at Norma's, and I told my wife I had to go to the bathroom, and I went to Burger Joint and had a little burger and came back. It was nice."

Part one of the burger showdown is above; part two can be enjoyed at Eat Me Daily.