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Graham Elliot's New Project, Jen's Newfound Celebrity

CHICAGO—Chicago wunderkind chef Graham Elliot Bowles has a new endeavor in the works, and surprise surprise, another fancy chef is going downscale(ish): "[Wisconsin cheddar risotto — a concoction of cheese curds, Cheez-Its and bratwurst, paired with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer] might be the kind of item to star in his next project: He's looking to open a lower-priced "grab and go" kind of place." [Crain's]

PHILADELPHIA—Now that current Top Cheffer Jennifer Carrol is totally famous and lovable, she's been giving tours of her 10 Arts kitchen to diners, including some celebrities: "'I don't get to get to the dining room, but I'll invite people for tours of the kitchen,' she said. One tourist was Jack Nicholson, who thanked Carroll and her cooks after a 10 Arts meal." [Philly DN]
[Photo: Flickr/zesmerelda]