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UK Version of Food Network Launches, Looks to Expand

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This week, Scripps launched the UK version of Food Network. At this point and for the first six months, the channel will rely on American programming, plus similar acquisitions fronted by UK chefs Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Danny Boome. However, the plan is that come mid-2010, up to 50% of the television schedule will come directly from the UK, meaning that the Euro Food Network is currently looking for shows across the pond. But what kind of things are they looking for?

From Greg Moyer, president of Scripps Networks International:

“We are interested in commissioning reality competitions and docu-soaps, with ambitions for travel shows and documentary projects. There will also be room for personality-led shows, featuring chefs in the kitchen cooking up a storm.”
Moyer adds that he wants to "engage with the UK indie sector" with the hope of premiering a new slate of original UK programming by the end of summer 2010.
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