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With Today's Deadline, Copia Nears Its Moment of Truth

After over a month of (presumably) listening to prospective buyer, Napa's behemoth, defunct food and wine center Copia will close the bidding process today. Last week, a judge allowed liquidation of the 17-acre property, effectively clearing the way for a sale of the ill-fated center that was once the brainchild of Robert Mondavi and Julia Child.

So far, the three biggest rumors are a West Coast HQ for Food Network, a second Wine Country campus for the the Culinary Institute of America (there's a CIA in nearby St. Helena), and finally, a much more boring hotel/convention center. Everyone is obviously denying rumors at this point, but it's also important to note that there's no requirement that any of the bids must be accepted, meaning there's a chance that Copia could stay dark for the foreseeable future. This is assuming that there were some bids in the first place.
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