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Bon Ap's Barbara Fairchild Wants to "Embrace It All"

When Conde Nast decided to keep Bon Appetit instead of Gourmet, Bon Ap editor Barbara Fairchild was instantly thrust under the food media spotlight even more than she had previously been. So how will Bon Ap survive? In a LAT profile/slight puff piece, Fairchild reveals that she's taking Bon Ap into all sorts of new avenues. In addition to keeping the magazine relevant online and in print, there are more cookbooks en route and a TV show is possible. Also on the way is a "mail-order venture selling selected wines paired with recipes." Wine clubs are everywhere these days.

Fairchild's strategy in this new media world:

"I want to embrace it all," she says. "We have embraced [change], not shied away."
It's interesting to see the difference between Bon Ap's strategy of "embracing it all," especially in light of the theories that Gourmet died because it tried to do too much.
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[Photo: Flickr]