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Mr. Chow Miami Hammered in Epic Review Smackdown

The full slate of restaurant reviews from around the country is on tap for later this week, but one bears special mention today: the memorable takedown of Mr. Chow by Miami New Times critic Lee Klein. Let's just say that perhaps Mr. Chow's empire should have been confined to London, LA, New York, and Vegas. A sampling of the smackdown:

Boom goes the critic: "The first course arrived about 60 seconds after our waiter skulked off with our order (McDonald's ought to study the systems here so it can get burgers out faster)"

More Boom: "Green shrimp, a house specialty, apparently gets its color and flavor from green food dye."

And just for good measure: "Everything about Mr. Chow is awful."

There's more too. Peruse the rest of the carnage at Eater Miami. >>