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More Top Chef Masters Spottings, Batali on the Big Screen

PASADENA—Another sighting from a tipster at a Los Angeles-area Whole Foods seems to confirm two of the chefs already suspected on Top Chef Masters: "[T]hey were filming top chef in the whole foods in pasadena again tonight. we saw Rick Moonen walking around, along with Marcus Samuelsson and a few others who were feverishly grabbing stuff left and right." Keep those sightings coming, people. [Eater Inbox, previously]

MOVIESMario Batali will make his big-screen debut in the upcoming Wes Anderson stop-motion cartoon film “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” Batalz plays a rabbit. [WSJ]

BOURDAIN'S WORLD—Via Eater NY comes word that Anthony Bourdain and Frank Bruni were filming something (No Reservations?) at Daniel Boulud's DBGB earlier this week. [~ENY~]
[Photo: Flickr/wnyc]