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Who's in This Year's Edition of Best Food Writing?

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Yesterday, the 2009 edition of the always-enjoyable Best Food Writing compilation was released (buy it here). As in years past, it's edited by Holly Hughes and includes 50 of the best food-related articles of the last 12 months. The majority of geographically-centered pieces are tied to New York, but the breakdown also reveals strong showings from DC, Seattle and San Francisco.

But of course, the big question is who made the cut this year. There are plenty of big names—Calvin Trillin, Ruth Reichl, Frank Bruni—and Saveur is the publication with the most nods. Also telling is the presence of online pieces, with, and all getting recognition.

The Crank Connoisseur: from enRoute/Timothy Taylor
Too Much of a Mouthful, from Word of Mouth/Tim Hayward
The Raw Deal, from Anderson
Medium-Size Me, from Gastronomica/Jim Hinch
Go Slow, Goodies, It's the Way to Win, from the Washington Post/Jane Black

Seeking Market Freshness, from the Philly Inquirer/Rick Nichols
The Misunderstood Habanero, from Heirloom/Tim Stark
Illegal Cheese, from Gastronomica/Eric LeMay
Wine Scams: A Counterfeiter Confesses, from Food & Wine/Lettie Teague
Mashmallow Fluff, from Gastronomica/Katie Liesener
Spam: It's Not Just for Inboxes Anymore, from City Pages/Rachel Hutton
Out of the Wild, from SF Weekly/Peter Jamison
Summer's End, from Saveur/Tamasin Day-Lewis

Beef: It's What's for Dinner, from Raising Steaks/Betty Fussell
The Last of the Great $10 Steaks, from WestWord/Jason Sheehan
Highway to Hog Heaven, from Broward Palm Beach New Times/John Linn
By Meat Alone, from The New Yorker/Calvin Trillin
The Disappearing Art of the Country Ham, from the Charlotte Observer/Kathleen Purvis
Morality Bites, from the Chicago Tribune Magazine/Monica Eng
The Beauty of the Beast, from The Stranger/Bethany Jean Clement

Kitchen Smackdown, from The New York Times
Take This! Sort of French, Sort of Italian by Julia Moskin
Take That! Starting with Five Appetizers by Kim Severson
Two Food Writers in a Kitchen Smackdown by Frank Bruni

Dairy's Queen, from O! The Oprah Magazine/Michelle Wildgen
Eggs Enough and Time, from McArthur
Deep in the Heart of Texas, We Bread Steak, from the Washington Post/Joe Yonan
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie I've Ever Had, from Kadushin
They Remember Home, from Saveur/Annia Ciezadlo
What Is Real Cooking?, from Modern Spice/Monica Bhide

Mac 'n' Jeez, from The Hunger/John DeLucie
How Not to Hire a Chef, from the Washington City Paper/Tim Carman
A Beautiful Mess, from Gourmet/Charles Montgomery
Back to the Old World 1962-1967, from Amarcord/Marcella Hazan
What We Hunger For, from Tin House/Douglas Bauer

The Last Time I Saw Paris, from Gourmet/Ruth Reichl
English Oyster Cult, from Sex, Death & Oysters/Robb Walsh
Tokyo, Cocktail Capital of the World, from Bon Ap/Hugh Garvey
Eternal City, from Saveur/Josh Ozersky
Bridging the Chasm, from Oxford American/John T. Edge
FoiX GraX, from The Foie Gras Wars/Mark Caro
Eat Your Damn Dessert, from San Francisco Magazine/Scott Hocker
Should Fine Dining Die?, from Food & Wine/Anya von Bremzen

The Grapes of Wrath, In Three Episodes, from Shaw
Picky-Picky, from Hungry Monkey/Matthew Amster-Burton
Beating Eggs, from New York Times Magazine/Pete Wells
Getting to Know Him, from Gourmet/Francis Lam
An Uncalculating Science, from A Homemade Life/Molly Wizenberg
The Last Meal, from Kliman
The Eggs and I, from Saveur/Francine Prose
· Best Food Writing 2009 [Perseus]