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Drew Nieporent Courting the Animal Guys in Tribeca?

Mai House in Tribeca

As the never-quite-acknowledged shuttering of New York's uber-restaurateur Drew Nieporent's Mai House approaches the six-month mark, the question lingers: what's Drew going to do next with the space? Word today from a Eater NY tipster inside the Nieporent empire offers specifics on one intriguing possibility that aligns with another tipster sighting from a few weeks back. Let's recklessly churn the beloved rumor mill:

It is official Drew will be opening a new restaurant with the guys from Animal out in California. It will be going in the Mai House space and it is scheduled for a mid December opening (It's obvious just look in the window 187 Franklin)...
More at Eater NY: But Animal emphatically denies the rumor...>>