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Ricky Williams Does Miami, Saunders/Peel's Cocktail Joint

MIAMI—Dolphins star Ricky Williams will open his South Beach "health conscious" restaurant Proof next week, and boy does it sound confusing/random. On the menu: BBQ, Rubens, red snapper, cornbread in a skillet, and a vegetable platter. Oh yeah, and sushi, too. Lordy. [Eater Miami]

LOS ANGELES—Stars are aligning in LA, as Audrey Saunders—owner of NYC's Pegu Club—has paired up with Campanile chef Mark Peel to open a cocktail bar called the Tar Pit that is described as a "40s supper club, with some neo-tropical drinks and some Old Hollywood swellegance." Swellegance! [NYT via Eater LA]