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Bobby Flay at Rao's Vegas; Jamie Oliver Shakes Up West VA

LAS VEGAS—The New York version of Rao's is one of the most difficult reservations in the country, but the Vegas location in Caesar's Palace just played host to Bobby Flay and his Food Network series Throwdown. And since it's Vegas, Penn Jillette and showgirls were involved, naturally. [Vegas Deluxe]

WEST VIRGINIA—After Jamie Oliver's visit to the fattest town in America for his upcoming show, the fattest town in America is worried that America is going to think they're fat, which they are. Says one marketing person there: "That's going to be a label we can't shake for a long time." [AP]

SIFT HAPPENS—Slate's Big Money column is speculating that the New York Times is grooming Sam Sifton to one day be the editor of the paper in a three page love letter: "What makes Sifton the man who ought to be considered a future editor of the Times is his ability to attack and explore popular subjects with intellectual rigor. Combine that with an ability to attract readers to stories with compelling headlines, art, and ledes, and you have all the tools necessary for leading the Times into the future on the web." He is also called "the most capable food writer of his generation." Biggity-BOOM. [Slate via Eater NY]

[Photo: Flickr]