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New Orleans Restaurant Owner Vs. The Interwebs

An entirely bizarre situation was chronicled by the Times-Picayune earlier this week. In it, a New Orleans restaurateur fighting an internet rumor—in the form of an email that went viral, of all things!—that his popular 20-year-old restaurant, Manchu Food Store, had failed multiple health inspections. Of course, said rumors were false, but nonetheless, lots of people in New Orleans apparently believe viral emails, because last week, overall sales dropped 50 percent and his take-out sales dropped by 75 percent. Sad, right? So, the restaurant tried to fight back.

To try to quell the rumor, Manchu Food Store bought a two-week radio spot and took out a big ad in the Times-Picayune. When those didn't seem to work, the poor guy threw up his hands and just put up a big banner outside his dingy-looking restaurant that simply reads "Manchu rumors are not true."

When the story ran earlier this week, there had been a slight uptick in business, but Manchu was still struggling, saying people thought it was closed. Could it be because the City of New Orleans' Official Tourist Site says it's closed?
· N.O. restaurant owner fights faceless enemy: the Internet [Times-Picayune]

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