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Ripert's Wine Club; Cheyenne Diner Lands in the South

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TRENDS—Following in the footsteps of the Wall Street Journal, the New York times, USA Today, Zagat, Grant Achatz and god knows who else, star chef Eric Ripert of NYC's Le Bernardin is starting his own wine club too! From Eater NY: "Meet the Le Bernardin Wine Club, or more accurately the 'Avec Eric Perfect Pairings Wine Club' (see, it's a tie-in with the show!). Each month, members get 2 bottles, hand selected by LB's sommelier, that go along with recipes from the show." [~ENY~]

EUROPE—The highest-grossing location of Burger King is one of the first BK branches to sport the new, flaming chandelier look. And you'll never guess where that highest-grossing location is found. [NRN]

ALABAMA—The 69-year-old art deco Cheyenne Diner finally arrived in its new Alabama home after 100-foot-long flatbed trucks carried the diner in two parts 1,000 miles from New York City. [Chelsea Now via GS]

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