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Chang Says: MomoDC Almost Happened; Milk Bar Still May

To be sure, profiles on David Chang are nothing new, but the inimitable overlord of NYC's Momofuku Empire—and, as should be highlighted here, native of the District of Columbia area—shares a few fun details in an interview with the Washington Post. Namely, Chang reveals that once upon a time, he was oh-so-close to opening his first Momofuku outpost in Georgetown instead of Manhattan's East Village, where he's gone on to open four more restaurants in a veritable neighborhood takeover:

"There was a time when D.C. really was in the lead ... And if we had gone there, God knows what would have happened."

Perhaps even more provocative than the prospect of an original DC spot is the possibility of a future Chang endeavor in DC. His response to the burning query:

"We were looking at doing Milk Bar down here because [pastry chef Christina] Tosi and I are both from here," Chang said. "It still might happen. But not anytime soon."
Hear that, DC? Don't hold your breath, but rest assured you're on the MomoRadar.
· David Chang Revealed [WP]
[Photo: James Beard]