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Ferran Adria Ready to Make the Jump to Television

Simpsons creator Matt Groening may have concocted the cover for Ferran Adria's book elBulli: Food for Thought, Thought for Food with a television vein in mind for the Spanish mad genius, but this week, the renowned Adria is finally set to join the ranks of the Flays and Lagasses by getting his own television show, kind of. The move is the latest in a series of non-restaurant-centric moves by Adria in recent years, which have already seen the world's best chef release a fancy beer line and thanks to a few book tours, increase his media presence. But let's get back to the juicy TV show:

Called El Bulli: The History of a Dream, the show is a ten-part series on how Adria blends his cuisine with "science, culture, creativity and art in all its various manifestations." The show was shot in high-definition and is co-directed by Ferran's brother and frequent partner in crime, Albert Adria. Unfortunately for you Adria fans on this side of the pond, the series will air on Spanish public television only, but that doesn't mean that a subtitled version won't make it to DVD eventually... right?
· El Bulli chef makes first TV series [C21]

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